Interior renovation

Welcome to the world of interior renovation!

We are a construction company that offers high-quality interior renovation services. Interior renovation is a way to bring a new look and functionality to a home or space. Whether it's a small change or a complete overhaul, we're here to help you.

Painting and wallpapering, renewing the floor, changing or refurbishing furniture and adding interior elements are just a few examples of what an interior renovation can include. We want to help you create a space that reflects your own style and offers a comfortable environment.

We take into account your wishes, needs and budget, so that we can plan and carry out the renovation just to your liking.

Whether it's an apartment, house, office space or business space, we have the necessary know-how and experience to offer you a high-quality interior renovation service.

Contact us and ask more about our services - we are ready to help you create the interior of your dreams!


Welcome to get to know the different terrace options! We are a construction company that offers versatile terrace solutions to our customers. Terraces can vary depending on their shape, materials and purpose, and we want to help you find the right terrace solution for you.

A wooden terrace is a popular choice that creates a natural and warm atmosphere in the outdoor space. We use wood materials such as pressure-treated wood, softwood or exotic wood species so that your terrace is durable and offers natural beauty. Wooden terraces are durable, easy to maintain and create a cozy atmosphere.

Composite terraces are modern and stylish options. These terraces combine wood materials and plastic, which makes them durable, weatherproof and low-maintenance. You can choose different colors and styles so that your terrace fits perfectly into its surroundings and creates the look you want.

We have a wide selection of different terrace types, and we will help you find the right solution for you. Whether you need a small or large terrace, for private use or for your company, we are here to make the terrace of your dreams come true.

Small fix

Budget: Before starting the repairing work, the budget must be determined. To determine the budget, all costs, such as materials and working hours, must be taken into account. Before starting the work, we go over the size of the work together (planning meeting is free) We can use either hourly pricing or we can agree on a contract price.

Schedule: We will define a schedule for the work together.

Planning: Making plan is important before starting the repairing work. With the help of the plan, we can ensure that the repairing meets your needs and wishes, and that it is carried out on time and within the framework of the budget.

Permits and rules: Before starting the renovation, we must be aware of all the permits and rules. For example, a building society can set strict rules according to which renovations must be carried out. Also for various types of small repairs, it is a good idea to obtain permits before starting the work.

Cleaning: Repairing work can be a messy process, so it is important to think in advance how waste and garbage will be handled and recycled. We will clean up the messes caused by our work.

Final inspection: When the work is completed, we will notify you, after which we will review the work performance together.

Silicone seals

Choosing the right type of silicone: Silicones differ in composition and purpose, so it is important to choose the right type of silicone according to the place and material to be used. For example, a silicone intended for humid spaces is different from a silicone intended for tight spaces with temperature fluctuations.

Removal of old silicone: The old silicone must be carefully removed before applying the new silicone. This ensures that the new silicone adheres well to the surface and that the seam is smooth.

Cleaning the surface:

Before applying new silicone, the surface must be cleaned carefully. This ensures that the new silicone adheres well to the surface and that the seam is smooth.

The correct width of the seam: The width of the silicone seam must be correct so that it works effectively and lasts a long time. In general, the width of the seam should be about 5-10 mm.

Proper application of silicone: When applying silicone, it is important to use the right kind of tool and spread the silicone evenly over the seam. This creates a smooth and durable seam.

Drying time: The drying time of silicone depends on the silicone used and the ambient temperature. To ensure the drying time, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions.